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    Community Wellness Promotion Guide

    SAMHSA developed a guide that shares ways communities can promote wellness. In addition to creating socially inclusive environments and partnerships, communities also can reach out to local media organizations and public opinion leaders to encourage wellness events and further their impact.

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    Staff Wellness – Strategies to Address Burnout

    SAMHSA’s guide addresses organization-level interventions to prevent burnout. This includes current research supporting these strategies and examples of programs that implemented these interventions to address workforce burnout.

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    Trauma-Informed Leadership

    This brief is about one definition of trauma-informed leadership and two strategies to invest and improve leadership in your organization.

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    Erin’s Law in Ohio Information

    Erin’s Law requires that Ohio schools implement a developmentally appropriate child sexual abuse prevention program for grades K-12 These downloadable documents provide information about the law and sources for training.

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    Guide to Implementing a Trauma-Informed Approach

    SAMHSA created this guide to provide instructions, tips, and resources regarding how to implement a trauma-informed approach across multiple domains, including workforce development, physical environment, and more.

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    Find a Health Center

    Find a Health Center helps you search for HRSA-funded health centers by inputting your zip code. Health centers are local clinics that provide preventive and primary care services in underserved areas, offering medical, dental, mental health, and other health care needs.

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    Ohio Attendance Guide

    The Ohio Department of Education and Attendance Works has developed a guide to address chronic absenteeism and possible barriers preventing students from attending school. The guide recommends developing a multi-tiered approach and provides strategies schools and districts can utilize to support students and improve school attendance.

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    Evidence-Based Treatment – Grief Fact Sheet 5

    This Fact Sheet reviews possible evidence-based treatment options for people with Prolonged Grief Disorder.

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Addons are marketplace items that support Abre Apps.


Curriculum courses that can include model lessons and pacing guides.


Templated, turnkey forms for schools and their stakeholders.


Printable and shareable handouts used by all Abre stakeholders.


Pre-made, common headlines used in school situations.


Reports, visualizations, and analytics used by schools to make decisions.

Learn Courses

Self-paced learning experiences for every stakeholder.


Full and easy to use project plans for accomplishing greatness in Abre.

Staff Plans

Professional development and licensure plans. For educators.

Student Plans

Education plans for students. Templated and available for customization.


Short surveys used with students, staff, families, and partners.

Grow Your Community with Learn

Learn courses feature a wide variety of topics and are used by staff, students, families, and community partners.