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Find the resources you need to support your learning community.


You can create a lot.With Abre.

We’ve become the platform for education creators. Any stakeholder can create on Abre. Teachers, administrators, companies, universities and departments of education. And students. 

Working with schools and their communities, we continuously see excellence emerge that supports the whole child.

How can we share this excellence?

That’s the purpose of Abre Marketplace. A central location to find the many resources available to any Abre user.

From model lessons to assessment banks. From communication plans to staff wellness surveys. Abre Marketplace holds turnkey resources ready to be used by your learning community.

Abre is the #1 K-12 administration platform to supportthe whole child.

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How does AbreWork?

Abre is a true education platform used to better manage and support schools, students, and families. With hundreds of thousands of happy users, we provide integrated solutions that address students’ needs within schools and outside of school.

The structure of Abre consists of three parts.

The Hub

The Hub is the core of the Abre Platform. Think of it as an operating system. Everything in Abre runs on the hub.

The hub features single sign-on, integrations, and communications.

The Hub


Abre Apps perform particular school functions. For example, the Assessment App runs, creates, and delivers assessments. The Plans App allows schools to develop education plans for students AND professional plans for teachers.

Abre has numerous apps that talk with each other and support many of the functions of the school and the community.


Apps are used collectively to provide particular solutions for schools. For example, a school district may want a solution for delivering professional development, tracking that development, and licensure renewal. 

Abre combines a number of Apps to provide that collective solution. 


Frequently AskedQuestions

We're an administrative platform that supports the whole child. Think of Abre as an operating system for schools and learning.

Abre serves students, staff, families, administrators, and community partners. That's a lot!


To see how, head over to our "How it works" page.

Every district (or sometimes school) gets their own Abre instance. Basically, it's their own version of Abre. Branded to their school, with colors and school logo.

Yes. For the most part.


Abre is a platform. For content created on the platform, you will need your own Abre instance.

You do need to have Abre to use Marketplace items. We would love to schedule a demo to make this happen!

This is a relatively quick process. You complete the request, our team verifies everything is ready, and then we place them in your Abre instance.

Yes! You can pretty much share anything created in Abre with other Abre users.

At the moment, no. We are exploring this as a possibility in the future.