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Helping Ohio's Youth & Young Adults

Our early intervention framework is built to support Ohio’s youth and young adults with resources and tools for mental health and addiction services.

Accessing these resources and services should be simple and comprehensive. No youth and young adults should “fall between the cracks” of supports.

We believe in an “no wrong door” approach in delivering these resources and services.

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Featured Resources

Top resources developed for our early intervention framework.

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About No Wrong Door

Ohio is dedicated to providing access to behavior health and services to all young people ages 10 through 25. This site collects a variety of resources and services for youth and young adults and the people who support them. 

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Downloadable Handouts

Used by schools, families, youth and young adults, and healthcare providers.

Video and Multimedia

Available to all stakeholders.

Learn Opportunities

Short, bit-sized courses to learn how help youth and young adults with behavioral health.

Community Partners

Find resources to community partners.


Resources by Stakeholder

Supporting Ohio's Youth and Young Adults



Primary Care


Most frequent questions and answers

We’ve designed resources for a variety of stakeholders. That said, we tend to bucket users into the following categories:

  • Families
  • Students
  • Educators
  • Primary Care workers
  • Community Members

Yes! Any resources designed for the One Right Door are free to use, download, and share. Some are even adaptable!

Simply add the item to your cart! Many of these items are downloadable in realtime.

Absolutely not! We encourage any and all to use the resources they find helpful.

As a state initiative, we ask users to register for accounts so that we can have extra information on what all stakeholders need. We use this data to shape future resources for Ohio citizens.

Abre is a whole child platform used in K-12 schools. It is a modern data solution that helps grow students, their families, staff, and their communities.

No. These resources are independent of Abre.

That said, many of these resources integrate with Abre and directly serve the learning community.