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Abre is the #1 K12 platform to support the whole child.

Get a true 360° view of your students and connect families, staff, and partners on one platform.

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Addons are marketplace items that support Abre Apps.


Curriculum courses that can include model lessons and pacing guides.


Templated, turnkey forms for schools and their stakeholders.


Printable and shareable handouts used by all Abre stakeholders.


Pre-made, common headlines used in school situations.


Reports, visualizations, and analytics used by schools to make decisions.

Learn Courses

Self-paced learning experiences for every stakeholder.


Full and easy to use project plans for accomplishing greatness in Abre.

Staff Plans

Professional development and licensure plans. For educators.

Student Plans

Education plans for students. Templated and available for customization.


Short surveys used with students, staff, families, and partners.

Grow Your Community with Learn

Learn courses feature a wide variety of topics and are used by staff, students, families, and community partners.